CNC Techniques

Technique: Paint then Carve

This works well with MDF. I paint the original surface and then carve to bring out the lighter under surface.

4 1/2" tall x 24" oak sign  

8" tall x 40" long sign out of 3/4" MDF  

Wedding Gift 24" square out of 3/4" MDF

Technique: Carve, Paint then Plane

This works well with real wood (not MDF). I carve the item then spray paint and then plane off the top. This leaves the carving paint and the original wood for the non-carved areas of the board.

Wedding Gift made out of cedar

Technique: Paint, Vinyl, Carve, Paint

This works well with MDF. I paint the origianl surface a color then once it's dry I cover the entire surface with vinyl adhesive (such as that used for vinyl lettering - it comes in rolls). I then carve the wood which removes the vinyl in the carved areas. I then paint it a different color. When that's dry I peel off the remaining vinyl. This allows the board to be painted in two colors.

1' tall x 2' wide Award Plaque out of 3/4" MDF
Painted the wood black, covered with vinyl sheeting, CNC'd it,
painted with artificial rock spray paint and peeled off the vinyl.