This page is a collection of notes from my various projects.

It is published here as a reference for my friends.

Disclaimer #1

I am a computer geek by trade, not a Professional Welder, Woodworker, Machinist, Fabricator or Gas Plumber. I enjoy playing around with my equipment as a release from the pure mental effort it takes to do my job. I am predominately self-taught and as such I make a lot of mistakes. About one in every 20 of my welds looks great to me. The rest would make professionals cringe. In almost every project I spend about 25% of the time fabricating and the other 75% sitting around with friends discussing the best way to do the next step. I often just eyeball things and they come out crooked or totally dorked.

Disclaimer #2

The information provided on these pages is NOT to be taken literally. It is published here only for informational purposes and should never be used without proper professional assistance and certification. Anyone reading and subsequently using this information does so at their own risk and indemnifies me (Dave Gardner) for any missing, misleading or otherwise incorrect information. The information stated here is not necessarily fact based and is not applicable to any specific purposes.