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Cabin Rules

  • Word of Wisdom Standards: While staying in the cabin – No Smoking – No Illegal Drugs – No Alcohol – are permitted in the cabin or on the property.
  • Cabin Decor: Keep furniture, decor, and cabin supplies in the order in which you find them. Families will be held financially responsible for any repairs or replacements which may be needed if due to neglect or misuse.
  • Linens: There are a limited number of towels and families should bring their own extra towels and take them back home with them. Instructions for bed linens can be found in the Cabin Cleaning Notebook.
  • Trash: You are responsible for your trash. When trash is removed please make sure a new bag is placed in the container. Trash can be taken to the General Store across Highway 260 and dumped in their dumpster for two dollars cash or three dollars on a card. All trash should be removed when you leave.
  • Pets: Families are discouraged from bringing dogs or other pets to the cabins. If it is necessary to do so, care must be taken to prevent damage to the flooring or furnishings or disturbing the neighbors in any way. Families will be financially responsible for any damages that may occur due to their pets.
  • Housekeeping: Clean the cabin as outlined on the Cabin Cleaning Check List. Check off each item as cleaned. Put the competed list in the Notebook.
  • Cabin Welcome Book: After your arrival at the cabin, read the Cabin Welcome Book. It contains a a ton of information, ideas of fun places to see and things to do, as well as more specific information & instructions to help make your visit more enjoyable.
  • History of Your Visit: Some families have enjoyed recording a short summary of their cabin visit in the Cabin Journal before leaving for home. It is fun to remember the special activities and experiences of past family vacations.
  • High speed Internet is available. Please limit using it for Netflix or streaming media. We only have 150gb of data per month and if we exbede that then the Internet drops to ultra-slow speed. Dave needs the Internet for work so please do not use it all up. 5 hours of Netflix can use 50gb of data.
  • If you use the grill you are responsible for cleaning it.
  • Friends are welcome but only when you come with them.
  • No ATV’s or motorcycles are allowed to operate on the property or on the roads within Forest Lakes unless they are highway legal and licensed. Then they can be used but must adhere to all traffic rules.
  • Please remove dirty shoes when entering the cabin as it will go a long way in keeping the floors cleaner. This includes snow as well as dirt.
  • DO NOT REARRANGE ANY FURNITURE. Furniture can be easily damaged when moving. Please treat this home as your own, as it will help assure our cabin is in the condition you expect when you arrive.
  • FIRES ARE OUR ENEMY. Fireworks are prohibited from the cabin, decks and property. There are to be no bonfires. When approved, a fire may be lit in the fire ring and fireplace areas only and they should be kept small.
  • If you fix or do maintenance to anything while you are here please let us know.
  • Please be respectful to our neighbors. Follow the posted speed limits. Try not to stir up dust as you drive down the roads.
  • Do not pull any vehicles or trailers behind the cabin without prior approval.
  • No hunting withing Forest Lakes. If you wish to hunt something (like squirrels), please do it outside of the Forest Lakes housing area.
  • A donation box is available on the first floor. It costs a lot to keep the cabin running and supplied with those things that make your life easier and enjoyable. We truly appreciate any contributions you can make to keep that going.

If we all take pride in the cabin we will all enjoy it for many years to come.