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CNC Pen Holder

So a friend of mine was making a sign made up of 14 inch letters cut from steel plate. He needed to draw the letters on the plate and then cut them out with a plasma cutter. After some thought I figured out that I could probably...

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CNC Build #1 2016 Update

Well after using it for almost two years now I thought I’d write an update. I decided to up my game a little too so there have been quite a number of changes. First of all I have worked to improve the vacuum attachment....

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CNC Vacuum #1

So the first thing I discovered is Yes, you absolutely do need a vacuum. So I ran down to Harbor Freight and bought a cheap dust collector and then I attached it. I found that the dust collector does not have enough suction. So...

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CNC Build #1

These are my notes from my first CNC build done in 2013: When I decided to finally build my CNC router I took a lot of time to research and plan it out. After looking at all the options I decided to build one from metal as they...

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