Built in 2003, this is the 3rd cook trailer I built. It was put together in two weekends as we needed it for a cooking activity. A neighbor gave me an old tent trailer they had and I ripped off all the old tent and siding. I then covered the bottom with metal plate and bought two group BBQ grills from CostCo ($385/ea). I then welded up a couple of stands for them (white frames) to use instead of the nice wheel carts they came with. They are bolted to the frames with four bolts which can be removed and they can be used on the wheel carts they came with if needed. I also bought two Camp Chef two burner stoves and mounted those with hitch pins on the back. Finally I made an eight cylinder propane tank holder and added the tool box on the front. Only six tanks are required (two for each BBQ and one for each Camp Chef) The other two are spares. Stored below the BBQ grills are two large griddle plates which lift out and can sit on the grills. This has now become the favorite trailer as it can adapt to cook anything. It’s very lightweight and sometimes difficult to tell if it’s still there behind the truck once you get on the highway.